Morphic Magic Theatre

This web log is set up to inform you of a powerful way of transforming communities and the people in them. It is a place where we research and present the leading edge of this new movement. It is the youth that lead it and we are thrilled to be able to give them a voice and foundation. The old ways that are not working are dropping away and the new ways of balance, harmony and collaboration are settling in.


Diamond Clusters

The Farmers Market was fiiled with sunlight this morning. It is surrounded by trees in the back to the library parking lot. Today, the Bannock tent had a line up and I walked in there with a bucket of wild flowers picked from the Storage for Life yard. They seeded about two blocks of the front of their buidling with the most colourful wildflowers I have every seen.

In fact this year everything seems more in color, like the land of OZ. My last years seems quite black and white and very distant.

Was thinking of getting together in Cluster Groups, much like my old church organized when i was growing up. They could be responsible for collecting stories and videos form people in town. The biggest obstacles to this art project is TIME. so many people can barely get time to cook a meal let alone have one more meeting. In the future though we will be happy we took the time to get out of a rut that strangles life from each other and our families.

I am meeting such terrific people here in this town. Something very grand is occurring and its nice to be a part of it. Its more than nice. That word doesn't say much. I feel honored to be part of it. Like the prophet at the East gate church said, God has big plans for this area and angels are set up all around the fraser valley.

Whether God is in your picture or not, its still neat ( another Non-word ) to think of something special happening in our midst, isn't it? Worth it to take a little time out from normal?

Is it too old fashioned to think "people have the power?" : ) thanks patti smith.



S- Surrender,
C- Care.
C- Commune,
E- Elevate,

Redefine it, what it means personally! Not what others define it as.

See this video

Its like fishing: Is Success when you catch the fish or the fact that I left my other duties to go fishing, or how I could keep all the worries from my mind? Or if you catch a big fish or small fish? It depends upon your intent and focus. That is personally defined.

Redefining Success helps us become individually involved with our lives, community and relationships. Stops putting a form upon us of how things "SHOULD" be, but Loving and appreciating how things are. Just as they are. Even if its a big "yuck". That then transforms the present and attracts more of what we want. All things change. How do things change under negative vision? What we focus on expands.

Forming a group and living a life where everyone dresses the same, thinks the same, furnishes their homes the same, compares themselves to a standard set from the outside, is like building a wall with bricks that falls down in a matter of years. Instead of a stone wall that lasts hundreds of years, built with each stone hewed within its own authentic nature fitting together with beauty and Just_ Right_ness.


Realistic Awareness

Sunday was Aboriginal day. The pow wow drum beat filled every atom of the room. The heart wrenching sounds of the singers mounted in ever heightening lightness, busting through the dense clouds of sorrow and stuck patterns. She danced, this little one, with resolute focus and attention to each step, each breathe an act of wilful intent. This was truly a diamond moment. The bannock and blueberries were piled high on the table, the songs acknowledging our unity and diversity, celebrating our connection to our creator and creation.

"Bring up a chair", an elder said to me. "See the diamond in my ear? The individual and the multi-faceted community, thats old teachings." The white haired men smiled, buck skin vest and guitar at his feet. I didn't have to talk, but there was understanding. " We will call you to speak at our group soon".

Circles of healing and restoration begin here and now. Rumours of health care alternatives and the opportunities that changes bring. Greeting the longest day of the year with renewed hope, as we are looking into the possibilities of gathering around the medicine wheel, July 1 to start the 8 month progression though the Power Wheel towards more community co-operation.


Butterflies and Diamonds

Charchol under deep pressure turns into Diamonds.

And its been intense. Something is yearning to come through me. I am ready to step into it and ready to serve. "Being fully living who we are. Living our joy, this is inclusive of you having your needs met!"~ David Morelli

So they say... And sometimes life pares you down to core needs. We really do not need to be run by our needs!

I have spent the last months investigating what it is that my family and I truly "need". Simplified down to essential basics. For some its a rigid lifestyle, yet for us its freedom. We are investigating what is is that we crave and why and stopping any attachment a deep peace.

Here is a recent observation.
We ordered Pink Lady butterfly larva to our home,
a few weeks ago they arrived,
In tiny little worlds of a sealed plastic cup
eating sugary granules and emitting their waste. ~ omegadawn

Four of them crawling around in tight misery
not knowing the wonders of the world outside.
Not aware of the soul watching them.

Then as if following a secret discussion they attached to the roof
of the tiny cup no bigger than two inches tall.
Dangling there and then somehow, staying very still
silently spinning their web around them,
each on to their own unique design,
some more decorative than others

The four of them hung their in eery solitude,
the weather changes outside,
the days came and went
Immense change was happening
as we almost forgot about them in our
scurry of activities.

Until Today.. the little boy cried, its born!
Our Pink Lady is born!
Its free!
Oh it was! we lifted up the lid
It was panting and disoriented,
hugging onto one of the other forms in bondage.

Another hanging form was swinging wildly with so much force
IT was makigng intense effort to undo its wrappings
it was ready to fly
and so, at the right time, it burst out
with the determination of its life
and in a second, it was in a new world.

Pausing, uncoiling its long black tongue in and out
shimmering its wings
it took off into flight to the nearest hanging flower
swinging around to our faces to say goodbye.
and wish us well.