Morphic Magic Theatre

This web log is set up to inform you of a powerful way of transforming communities and the people in them. It is a place where we research and present the leading edge of this new movement. It is the youth that lead it and we are thrilled to be able to give them a voice and foundation. The old ways that are not working are dropping away and the new ways of balance, harmony and collaboration are settling in.


Circles and Silence

The First Community Circle was perfect, just as it was. We had many people intending to be there, 8 others were physically there. Many others we there as well, in their thoughts. I had planned a major public launch in the papers and have Jason there, but it seemed too sensational. Its not quite at that point yet, maybe it won't be ever... maybe it will.

I kept picturing that it was the tiny pin hole in the dam's wall that would start an awareness in this entire community of the power of sitting in a circle and listening each voice, each valuable facet of one collaboration of life. i caught myself smiling at the possibilities of how we could expand this idea into many groups and families.

Lyle Bridges had a superb idea to set the chairs up in a circle in front of the large mirror covering the south wall. It created a figure eight. We set the camera from an elevated vantage point on a table. All faces in the circle could be seen in this way.

The topic was " What Do You Know"? Many had a story of how they came to Mission and how special it was. THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY is creating a directory of resources. Will be started at the farmers market. Come and add your name and resources. What is your talent, what would you like to share? We all have wisdom no matter how old or young, rich of poor, famous or hidden. In the tough times ahead it will be good to know how we can help each other.

Here it was safe to drop roles that we are used to getting stuck in and meet in a group of strangers where each person can be heard out, known and understood. As I listened, it was as if i could see myself in each of the perspectives, and strangers were just friends yet to meet.

Sometimes we sat with the rock in our hand and passed it on in silence. Sometimes we just paused waiting to know what to say in this moment, which was different than every other moment as the rock circled around. The silence was welcome. It was bonding. It was unifying. It was a relief in a busy frantic life just being allowed to sit, be received and accepted, just as you are, now.

Topics of personal vs professional, transparency and following intuition. Resources of Website design, childrens classes, music, borscht making, teaching, engineering, circle facilitation and inspiring children to trust in themselves.

If you don't know me already, i should tell you that I see everything like a real life movie. So much symbolism all around. I thought what if this circle was a mini version of a big version? I looked closer.

It occurred to me that the people that were sitting in the circle also were holding a voice for the facets of town, the way the diamond looks from the top. The sports facet was BUBBLING over about its enthusiasm for life and THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY. The Education facet was suffering from a sore back, ( support ) and needed to share its knowledge. Local business facet had deep points about meaning and awareness of what diamond community was about on a deeper lever.( showing there is a great deal of potential to inspire more local business) There was a gap in the health facet. ( no one sitting there. ( found that funny considering the latest hospital issues) and three people were squeezed into the family facet. ( also the emotions) This facet during the course of the circle, moved from fear to utter open connection, and actually was a mother daughter. Lots of layers,, Heritage had stories upon stories and me, sitting in the arts section kept talking about teaching art and abstract things. The environment facet was the leader of sorts, and made me think that if we as a town focus on what is greener and more in balance, we will find great potential for sustainability and practical solutions.

Adding a layer of the Powers on top of that, its interesting, but that is more for later.


From sorrow to joy.

This is a piece of writing that was written in celebration of Diamonds, community and new ways to do things with compassion and creativity. People now bravely stepping into the center stage ones, that stayed off stage for so long. Marsha is a prolific writer who moved from the Fraser Valley to Ontario. She is teaching a course this fall from my online creativity classes at "Write from the Heart. Right from the Soul" helping you find your voice.

- Marsha Ward

I didn't say that love was not alive in your heart
a gleaming jewel, sparkling, waiting to be held in your hands, noticed within your heart.

I didn't say that mermaids don't sing in the early morn, that fairy's disguised as firefly's won't flutter
and fly showering the ever present sky with magic.

I didn't say that loves call is harsh, wrong or broken.

I didn't say that wonder isn't alive and well waiting for our notice.

If a mermaid sang would we notice her song, singing to the seals her friends?
Would we notice that as we walk that the ground is alive beneath our feet
feeling us
calling us
to sing our song
to the delight of grasshoppers, ants.

To babies that giggle for no apparent reason
To all children who forgive so easy with open, trusting hearts
.. can we see this and honor the presence of loves song?

Can we hear the wind speaking in voices that bear messages of long ago?
Messages holding tears unshed, a dam,
A torrential cleansing bursting forth!

Lets dance in the rain, rejoicing in a moment of innocent love.

I said please don't hurt them for they suffer as we all have
for in that that moment where anguish lives, voices snicker calling out names that mark and mar our already wounded hearts.
We all need loves affirmation to raise us up become who we are again listening to our own hearts song.

Oh my friend of my heart how I cherish you!
You who shares of a song once sung.
For you are like a diamond that gleams.

You stand in my heart shining,
I feel your brilliance
You can be nothing else but as you are.
You refract so many colors all bearing a message spoken in the sky by a rainbow, a master piece of emotions
so willing to be so humble
so willing to bear a smile
a reminder of lights warmth.

While darkness comes the trees bow their branches.
Leaves hang rustling in the wind, bearing shelter for those who call out.
And yet we weep and mourn forgetting the gentle moon
Forgetting the stars reminding us of our home that lives within us all.

This play that we are all a part of ... What are your lines?
I look to the sky
I feel the stars
I sing
knowing I am heard.

I look within, eyes closed feeling the warmth of the sun upon my face, the kiss of day .. heat bugs .. soft falling snow and remember ..
This day I can laugh, embrace love, feel the tears once forgotten,
I sing
I sang
I do my best
Remember my song the song of my hearts calling from birth.

The heartbeat of my Mother, the voice of my Father
the love I do receive,
The joy, the laughter that is present.
For in these moments, I surrender, wrapping myself in your blanket of loves truth.
to start anew to enjoy what treasures you have revealled to my heart.
I give thanks.

Oh my heart.
Oh my Creator, I give thanks!
Oh my friends, my family, your treasures that some may yet lay still buried
I feel you and rejoice in your blessing!

Make way for the presence of laughter song!
Make way for the touch of beauty in- living you to hold a tender being in the face of dark times!
Where the moon nor the sun lights your way and think on the things of blessings.

Call out from your heart in the silence of dreams
For days come and night falls, all things that bear the seeds of hope grow tall into a garden of kindness to be tended.

Be kind in your ways for all are fighting a battle somewhere.
Lay aside your weapons.
Lay aside in waiting to feel deeply the blessings of love's tender being for we are but a reflection of this beauty.
We are all an orchestra that may bear a beautiful symphony.
To bless the Earth with a tender touch of love to remember our own hearts song.
I didn't say that the Creator has bad days and forgets things and needs to forgive us. I said there is no one name for this being there are many.

That God, Goddess, Mother, Father, of our hearts, Creator .. has no bad days .. we do and this is known and embraced and we are loved beyond our human minds comprehension
I said it was us who has bad days,
The Creator is our diamond to remember our light where we come from
what ray we flow with, knowing that all colors come from each other,
flowing to form a blessing of promise


Ties that Bind

This book caught my eye today as I was flying intuitively through looking for the branding that i would like to use as commUNITY.


I have been wondering why I have been so obsessed about this vision of community, the diamond and the power of art to transform a life. I have seen changes for the better in my own life and continue to do so. Although processing in public is not exactly safe or professional. The medium of internet lends well to transparency, and that is like a diamond!

Today has been a day of advertising for the public " What Do You Know" circle on Sunday night. Although it laps the Mission Folk Festival wrap up. We will record it an post it. The thing about art is, that all you need is one mark on the blank canvas and the painting is begun. That is the intent for this night. The perfect people will be there at the perfect time.

Here is the blurb emailed out. I am resistant to printing out posters. Seems like word of mouth/internet may be best.

Like you, I have a pile of bills too. The funding options are numerous. Its important to discern what and how. Bringing castles out of the air to earth is my personal challenge in these next months ahead.

We harvested the transparent apples in the back yard, made sauce and dried them. My sisters neighbourhood in Oregon has a garden sharing circle. Is there anything like that here? The farmers market is supposed to be such a place but few people take their stuff down there.

We will be there Saturday to promote the Children's Art Camps at on Family Fun Day. Its located behind the Mission Library in the parking lot. Come and get fresh Bannock. Since this month is education, I am sending out this site to the homeschool networks and schools for distance ed. Walking through the schools I see the same art done year after year in the same ways. Nice result, zero expression and inner vision. In this world where children are fed constant images, its so important to let them come through from inside as well. That takes time, silence and encouragement. I have a workshop for teachers to help them understand the visual language. We all know it, just have to remember it.

This whole diamond community adventure truly is an art process. A documented evolving collaborative effort. There is close to 50 people/groups following from around the world and contributing to the eight month effort at the start this July.


CommUNITY efforts

Close Encounters Of the Third Kind... Remember that movie? 1977 was a long time ago.
It was about a line worker, after a encounter with UFO's, feels undeniably drawn to an isolated area in the wilderness where something spectacular is about to happen.

Like here in Mission.

Feeling undeniably drawn to attend New Heights Church at Heritage Park on Sunday.
The young pastor was feeling lead to talk about the individual and community. There I was, with diamond community papers in hand. CLICK. In place. I love when that happens. I asked him to send me the notes so I can link them in here today.

Creating commUNITY based on authenticity, virtues and the highest, most innocent part of who we are can not be a bad thing. Different maybe but not evil. Trusting in the process takes time.

So this art project is about bringing far out concepts down to earth, piercing through labels and brands and sound and to a place where we meet as individuals. Different yes, but more the same than different. There is nothing to fear. Something very practical and sensible in a poly-dimensional sort of way, adding quite big dose of humor as well. I am up for a challenge at bringing opposites together, rich and poor, aboriginal and professional, male and female, yin and yang, heaven and hell. With unconditional love, all unite and solutions are found.

I attended a meeting for Downtown Residents Association. It also was almost a mini diamond community meeting. Topics about Mission's Unique-ness, its deep roots of community involvement, its need for inclusion and bridging silos, getting information out fast and quickly, getting more communication flowing between fragments of town.

Our team that has felt undeniably drawn to this project for self transformation as well as being able to help the town, have been at the drawing board, in the board room non-stop. Suddenly this week the ball is in motion. It is very apparent that this is a completely collaborative effort. We got the publicity in motion here in order to reach a wider audience.

On the far out side: Found a site I thought was quite close to what we are developing here... made me wonder a bit about the collective unconscious and the implications of what we have started. On the other side of the world a similar use of words from Celia Fenn. and this site...

or this video...

If all this is new to you I do not want to scare you. Grounding and practical has not been a strong point , but like you and this town, I too an being transformed. I do not want to hide either. So as I learn to face my fears of making business cases, set up ledgers for cashflow and help make a solid platform for alternative housing and power, I ask you to meet me in the place of the unknown, without fear.


The Diamond's Aim

Writing things down made her realize how big this vision truly was and how utterly incapable she felt a bringing it to life alone, yet how necessary it felt to contine forth. The point was however, that it was already there, that more people would step up to see it and start to be inspired. So many people have lived out their life essence making this town what it was. Somehow though, in the walks through its streets she heard its whispers of wanting to claim its potential, wanting to live its dreams and heal from the past.

It was the hearts that needed to understand that times were not as hopeless as they might appear, that no matter what people called the Source, there truly was a divine element at play. She like the word "ineffable". Yet, over time that point of connection where each one comes from,where each one returns to, was getting more and more known, tangible and simple.

There could be freedom. The chains of sorrow could be broken. It was her own inner chains she was breaking. The vision outside she new would change as a wise teacher once told her that" change was the only constant". THe mountains of sorrow were crumbling.

They were not all destined to living their lives in slavery, drudery and fear. A hub was being revealed, a hub that people could centre around, a vision to resource each other, celebrate the past and let it go into a future of co-operation and communication. At first intangible occurring in dreams, but soon to show up in practical form.

"Social Media creating Local Community
Valuing our stories, transparency and collective wisdom " It was not too late.

To provide an eight month plan to market our town, our talents and alternatives to each other and the world
To be a platform for individuals to launch their dreams and draw global attention to this area.
To highlight an ever growing network of people to integrate solutions in these massive times of change
Provide a vision and model to bring Mission’s social plan to reality.
Building cooperative alternatives for a community based balanced society.


Letter to my town/self

A speech to the town: at the forum to develop at recreation plan.

I'm wondering how happy each one of us are? How peaceful and content with the quality of our life?
Do we have time with our loved ones the way we would like to?
The future does start now.

Do we want to continue on the same way? Perhaps there is a way of looking at growth in more ways than dollars or a linear fashion. Perhaps we have an opportunity tonight to recreate a future, using parts of the past that have worked and building a
future potential of a deeper vision.

I'm in art, I'm not in politics, but I'm still thinking that there are ways that we can unite in ways that we haven't thought of before, ways that we can really develop a new idea here. I've been here in this town for four years. When I moved here there was a rainbow over my street and I said," there's something special about this town".

The banks are going in crisis, families are in crisis, everybody knows that the social breakdown is now begging for an evaluation of what we as a community can do for each other. So let's increase the kindness and creativity. I'm a designer, we're designing communities, maybe we can approach the community planning with a new focus?

I trust in a creative process. We can create something that is way beyond what we could possibly imagine. As we listen to each other and to our elders, reinvent together, listen to the children. Let's not follow what we've already done, let's not just think tax dollars and think other things that we have always done but not worked. What we need to do is start to depend on each other. Its time to listen to each other, time to rely on making our own food, goods, and unite in ways that might make our town an example to a hurting, warring world. Making technology be in balance with nature and the individual voice.

What if the majority of the residents just stopped doing what they hate to do and tried to change their lives to do things that won't deplete them. What if we collectively decided not to feed the fear? Started listening to our own wisdom and develop with
beauty and respect and harmony? If we continue in the old ways, we will really not have much to grow and develop in
the future!

If we develop with nature, with our hearts, with our happiness, maybe we'll invent Mission as this cultural destination and people will wonder what did that little town do?Perhaps if everyone join in a circle, if we put our brains together in an inventive way we're going to come up with some practical. innovation, fun solutions

The Circle

The Circle

My friend, I cannot be silent
My friend, I cannot stay still
My friend my heart just won't let me follow you.
My friend, my song must be sung.

The chaos and fear is growing deeper around us
The past sweeps into the present
and future seems confusing and dim.
First impulse is to order in labels and boxes
In the name of security and peace.
My friends, a tone is calling you
Can you hear it?
The ones that can,
join hands.

Long ago, i had a dream
I was lost, alone deep in a forest
ahead of me I could see the light
and followed it to the edge.
Stumbling through brambles, I emerged.
There were people gathering in a large circle
in a warm, green meadow, on top of the hillside.
They reached out to me saying
join us, join us
reach out your hand
reach out your hand.

My friends there's a new song arising
My friends its ancient and true
My friends its a new kind of order
My friends it respects each ones difference, it includes.
Can you hear it?
The ones that can, raise your hands.
Each one hears it in a different way.

One by one, step by step we let go of the old ways
Singing out above the artificial world and its lies.
To the tune of our soul, to the current of power
that comes from stepping out with courage and might.

Its over, that pain of the past
its over, the things that don't last
All that remains is the circle that was there all along.
join in,
join us
reach out your hand
you are safe to be YOU!
Safe to be True.

My friend, lets stand and be silent
My friend, its ok to be still.
Step into the circle.
Talk in the circle
Take your place in the circle of Life.

All alloy melts away in the circle
till only pure gold remains.


When you change, the world changes.

Sometimes the truest aspects are the ones that are most ancient. It intrigues me to combine technology and social media to explore ancient and natural Wisdom. We add on layers and layers to our authentic core of who we are, only to strip it away when we allow ourselves to sit in silence. It is then we are transparent, this takes time and effort.

July, This first month of an eight month process of transformation, is on the theme of the Power to Withdraw. Most everything starts in the Mind, with a thought. We have a mind, we are not our mind. We have thoughts, but are not our thoughts. Who are we then? Re-membering who we really are is a process. dropping the roles and who people have told us we are. Its in the stillness that we begin to allow that authentic voice to come through us. That is what is guiding me as I initiate this online, collaborative. community project. My mum used to say, trust the still small voice within.

These next eight months ahead are going to be created in collaboration with the individuals of This Diamond Community,--- with you! I welcome you to start online journals as well documenting your process as personal as you dare to go, as you intent to follow along this development from isolation to power filled integration.

My Art school mentor at the Philadelphia University of the Arts taught me that the way to be most universal is actually the most personal. So that’s the risk, the intent and the drive. We are like mountain peaks with rivers of connection running through our deep bases. Not so separate after all, yet each majestic and unigue in their own right.

It may take time for you to understand my language and terms. I try to be as gender neutral, religion neutral and as universal as possible. It makes sense if we all are connected to one Source of Life that runs through us all. Facing the center of our circle we have One aim, One objective--- to be linked to that tip of the diamond, The roles that we all are playing become less conflicted and fragmented.

Here is the Link for the Diamond Map. Here in Mission there is a small core of people who have felt led to move here. In the last four years they have been almost feeling “sent“. We experience it to be true that as you change the world changes and have approached social development as a way of self development. We have been working on this level in Mission, BC for over three years. See We have produced a couple of plays for adults and children, called Voices of One parts one and two.

We encourage you to begin dialogue with your community and encourage more people to join in more circles, gathering in groups that are there to encourage values, collaboration and human resourcing. building a diamond community of your own in these times of separation and isolation. Today’s world where the binding elements are fear, movies, news, sports and TV the connections are contrived and surface. When we reach towards our Authentic core, own the natural truth and communicate from here, our divinity of sorts, the binding elements are freeing, loving and virtuous.

When we see another, It is as if we are looking into the eyes of a part of ourselves. true empathy can arise and solutions are found.

Often, the largest trees grow from the tiniest seeds.


July 1st launch

At one o 'clock today 8 of us and one baby named Noi, gathered in a field in circle, that generations of First Nations have gathered around. In the circle center at our feet was ashes and soil. In our minds eye, we saw it turn into a rare, precious diamond and grow till we looked down and could see our feet turn into a The Sunlight was brilliant today. Dragonflies and a tiger butterfly flew by and the wind blew gently around us.

The intention: That THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY program benefit ourselves and draw connections of light between isolated facets of the world and the communities that we live in. I want you to feel like we are companions on this journey ahead. Its starting from a tiny seed and you are part of its expansion and the renewal. We gather in a global circle, in our towns and villages to begin today, knowing self transformation is truly world transformation.

We start in the east in this journey. Focusing on the Air Element, on the mind. Notice this month the breeze your breathe. Send it powerful purifying thoughts. Breath in the gunk and breathe out clean and pure. This flows through us, in us and unties us.

This month of July brings in the Power to Withdraw. It starts off as iron age. Like a turtle, we sometimes close off to who we really are, hiding deep inside. This month our intent is to transmute this power to gold! knowing who we really are.

Here is a video about how to cut a diamond. it made me smile as I thought about our willingness to be master craftsmen of our lives.

May you be constantly be sparkling.