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This web log is set up to inform you of a powerful way of transforming communities and the people in them. It is a place where we research and present the leading edge of this new movement. It is the youth that lead it and we are thrilled to be able to give them a voice and foundation. The old ways that are not working are dropping away and the new ways of balance, harmony and collaboration are settling in.



21 days since I updated you last!
"They say" it takes 21 days to change a habit.
2 for relationship (to anything)
1 for new start
3 for joy and expression ( see Book, The Life You Were Born To Live- D. Millman- author of the Peaceful Warrior. )
- I am a 22/4

Numbers are fun. Yes, cdgood, is saying that. The right brain, rebel who is really a closet accountant!
This month has been very full to say the least.

The intense pressure that it takes to create a diamond in the depths has been increasing. I am far from exhausted, in fact as THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY is developing it is taking a life of its own. The balance is between leading and following.

Have you ever started painting or working on a creative project that starts to create itself?

That is what is happening, in fact THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY is creating "me". I have complete trust in letting this process develop for each day the right person is brought, stops in, sends a note to add another refining influence and brushstrokes into this collaborative venture.

PIONEER has been a word we have used much as we have gathered to discuss directions of this project. Not only is it a great car dealership along the main street in town, but it encompasses both respecting the heritage of all the cultures that pooled into this valley. Pioneering new products, new ways of thinking and being is also included in this.

As we become ore and more authentic, the diamond spark within us shines. Bringing us to the reality of our brilliance. How many times have we shut down the still small voice inside that wants to shine, but it is told to 'GET REAL' and we trudge off to a joy that binds us, keeping relationships to scenes from movies that we all have seen a billion times.

I encourage YOU that it is now safe to be really you. Is it safe to be me? These two voices rage in my head sometimes.
Over and over though, tons of people are standing up and rejecting the force fed formulas for "NICE, GOOD AND PROPER"

When the Living Being inside is allowed to come through, there is pain at times but a community of support is waiting. For this is the natural force, the Natural World Order. There is harmony then, way less need for policing, policies, by-laws and punishment. This applies to a self, a family, a community and a universe.

TIME: A Friend had this published on her facebook profile.

Just a reminder about the SECOND facet Circle for THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY. We have been through 8 weeks of transformation. Sustainability and Green have been all the buzz. Power to Let Go and Pack up has been brought in from a tiny glimmer to full fledged all round shine. Look across the wheel and see the power to discern.


Creating Calm in Chaos

Tonight is a Lunar eclipse. It has a special influence on us that resonates with the objectives of THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY.
It even is about strengthening the Power to Let Go. When I look at the moon, no matter how busy the street lights and distress from the people below or my thoughts. There is always calm in her face--- floating softly in the deep night. it gives me a reference point for being detached and loving all at once.

This is the link about the lunar eclipse.

In summary some themes that may arise are; group consciousness, teamwork, like minded groups, organizations, humanitarian ideals, higher vision, progress, change as well as long term dreams and goals.

it is aiding in creative communities that are based on intuition and creativity. Sound like THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY!

Role-playing detective work and understanding.

We have Sunday booked for a Family Constellation on behalf of Mission. This requires people to step into roles for different aspects of this town and give a voice to them. We will video tape it and quiz people and groups before hand and test for accuracy after. It is an enlightening process. A group used it to work with the mercedes benz company. They were gifted with 1,000,000 bucks.

With the news tonight that the government is freezing funds from gaming to all non profits, i see a real need for the dependency on the government to end. We can work in collaboration, but there must be a wayt hat we can begin to relay on ourselves once again. We have given so much of our power away. If there would be one dream come true is that the people of this town learn to work together and solve their own problems. really there are no problems, only solutions.

Following is an excellent article that can help shift into calm no matter what.

Empowering Use of Language By Jeanie Marshall

Power to Pack Up

This month of August seems intense so far.

Was sent a you tube video on the Swine Flu issue.

What came through in response was the writing below. It has to do with the purpose for THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY and why forging relationships with compassion, creativity, clarity and co-operation are so important, This begins with the relationship with myself. I am my own worst enemy at times. Having a solid inner life helps...then the impossible often is possible.

I saw a quote in the Mission Restorative Resolution office yesterday when I was there to do a file. Its said " If there is too much then something is missing" a Hasidic saying.... July was all about defining what THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY is, meeting after meeting of planning and communicating.

This month now, we enter the bridge between mind and body. Its the facet for the environment. We are researching sustainable living and living off grid. There is a new face to mission that has designed a heat source and a building system with sacred geometry. What he has designed in his life work as an artist, is breath taking. There is a need to have emergency housing and alternatives to how we live now. he has a solution, that could address the homeless problem here, providing flexible structures and also a way to affect lifestyle and mindset to assist and turn problems into solutions. What if our towns most important assets were embedded right in "the problem? "

People have joined into the personal work in order to try the diamond experiment too.

If I change, does the world change? How can I carve facets in my mindset that move me from a diamond in the rough to a perfect jewel? if you are drawn to this site, you probably already respond to the work laid out already and in retrospect can see how your last month fits into the weekly progressions.

You can sign up at to join in.

When Pigs Flew

The THEY, the Few,
The falsely enlightened,
Illuminate the world with fear.

The painting had a base coat of dark control,
The brushstrokes laughed out their colors of might
seeing how all truly was a masterpiece.

Mastering peace was not an easy task.
but it became easy when they turned from the screen of images
and saw the pinpoint of light from which they came.
The One Source that they all came from
no matter the role.

The shining ones stayed on course
They became channels of blessings
They healed their connection
They broadcast the reality of TRUTH.
They built sacred places and fortresses of protection
Each brought their own authentic voice.

No matter what the world was used to hearing
No matter what they were judged as...

They sent deep currents of Love into the
forces of imposed authority and lies
for they knew....
Love was Truth
Fear was the opposite of Love.

They steadily connected themselves to
their source of their inner light.
Their True Core Essence
that morphed into many roles.
As Their Father
Their Mother
Their Friend
Their Child
Their Beloved
and Teacher.

Steadily sending out its honing beacon from their shared home.
and remembering then who THEY were.

Omega Dawn