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This web log is set up to inform you of a powerful way of transforming communities and the people in them. It is a place where we research and present the leading edge of this new movement. It is the youth that lead it and we are thrilled to be able to give them a voice and foundation. The old ways that are not working are dropping away and the new ways of balance, harmony and collaboration are settling in.


Community Connections

In these times of funding cuts, we can rally in support of one another. Part of the theory that I wanted to prove by introducing THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY model to Mission was that if people to connected values and their highest potential, there would be a natural synergy that occurs in support of such heroic effort. Following what is good and right sometimes takes courage and looking out of the box is not always easy. It always starts with self, so essentially this is just one's person's journey towards healing and power. But when i change will the world change? The only thing constant is that things will change. Will it all get worse? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe no matter what... it IS all good.

Instead of operating in fear and lack, we start to see how we can join hands more effectively than battling for scarce dollars. The DIAMOND design provides a concept for seeing all parts of town as facets on one diamond. This sets a positive tone and plants seeds for co-operation no matter how that may look.

This month, local business was the focus. I developed a business course based on the eight facets with Holly Scabar owner of Bookkeeping Beyond. Its just an outline, but now can be filled in as we apply it to my own business, and develop a course geared towards people with ideas but need to take eight weeks to work on it in a supportive group. I looked at business plans and started one for my company that consults with businesses that want to learn about social media and get a web presence.

Perhaps we all really ARE part of one big thing! Here is an article about finding the Hidden Jewels and Bringing them to light. Obama is talking like this!!? "But it is important to note that community jewels – hidden or otherwise – don’t just emerge out of thin air. The kind of sustained success and institutionalized status these organizations enjoy come as the result of hours and hours of hard work and the devotion and commitment of countless community members. Often, just keeping up with community needs is so all-consuming it’s no wonder these organizations stay hidden – they are so results-oriented there is little time for self-promotion."

The power to tolerate was brought into focus this month. Toleration is usually a negative word. In this case it means you see the diversity in all things and see the way its all unified. You can tolerate differences as well because you know that each truth is one's own. We have dovetailed several proposals for a few grants pending. Seeking local business sponsors The joy would be to have a place for youth to go to for help... much like R.O.C.A. We have the people to do this now! One thing the youth shouted out loud and clear at a recent social planning forum for youth was that they want communication and creativity workshops.

This is the facet that also represents the body, or bringing things from the mind into form. Boy, did I have to look at forms this month! Did you? I wonder sometimes if our intentions create our experience or our experience creates our intentions??
Art is a way to bring abstract ideas into a more universal message. We had the Arts Alive Tour and many people dropped by my heritage house/studio to see the work. Delaney Rose was singing at 2 pm. People walked into the place and said it felt like walking into one big HUG. Wes Geisbrecht had his paintings selling there as well.

Another highlight of this month was The Celebration of Community. There was a big sign on the stage SHINE YOUR LIGHT! it said. It was apparent how all the people were banding together under the stress of change as the BC government seems to be gutting the towns of essential community services. We reached a tipping point that night and for the first time tons of people stayed to dance with their kids to the band afterwards. Next year will be light sculptures by the youth, perhaps.

Good feelings and lighthearted connections are always welcome in a family, town or country.
Thats a very practical and sensible thing! and very marketable.
“You have the right to love, to smile, to be happy, to share your love, and to not be afraid to receive it also.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz


The Goose

A new facet of Local Business has begun in THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY, this month of September.

This facet is also explories one of the Powers of Kindness called TOLERANCE. It is on the southern direction which often holds the element of Fire. In some First Nations teachings it is the voice of innocence and community. A focus on healing, the Mouse and Wolf totem. Here we begin to bring in what was formed in the Mind, into the realm of 3-D and physical form.

I am filling out proposal forms, consulting with business advisors and encouraging local businesses to rally together and get online: using social media to create more local business and community. There are many talented artists here in this town that have been like diamonds hidden deep under ground ready to surface and shine.

What does this have to do with the Goose?
This morning a writer in Ontario who I have been working with as THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY has been forming told me about her totem, the Goose.

Geese fly in formation. The leaders change with who has the most energy at the moment. They value the individual yet see how they are one unit. They care for the wounded in groups, the weak are never left alone to heal. The goose call to each other when they fly. Do you think they say "Hurry up you fat slob!"? No, they are sending out encouraging words and motivational tips! Thinking about community in this way, the Geese provide a wonderful example in nature how was can all work towards co-operation. Marsha Ward Will conduct creative writing classes for THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY. To encourage the power from within, to learn to be gentle with ourselves and let our own authentic voice come through our writing.

Our hearts and THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY is calling to all of us to address issues without degrading ourselves. To understand how to come from a more humane place. The old ways of building community have worked to a point. We can respect the foundation and bring in the next phase, like the start of a new video game level! As the old ways crumble a new form of shared leadership can occur. Restorative Justice and the Peacemaking Circles can play a big role in this. See.

Creating new platforms for supporting one another are vital to the times ahead when we are all going hove to honor the gentle, the music, the abstract inner worlds seeking to be expressed in the silence. As the wars rage around us, the screams of pain and hunger, the fear increases. We are going have to not resort to silencing the voice of joy. We are going to have to trust in the creative power of the soul. Compassion in one eye and creativity in the other. Responsible. capable and ready to withstand even the darkest storms in a spirit of commUnity of diamonds.

Rejecting the dysfunctional worlds idea of normal.
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro! What are you waiting for?
Just be U. Each person has a special role to play in a sustainable natural world order.