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This web log is set up to inform you of a powerful way of transforming communities and the people in them. It is a place where we research and present the leading edge of this new movement. It is the youth that lead it and we are thrilled to be able to give them a voice and foundation. The old ways that are not working are dropping away and the new ways of balance, harmony and collaboration are settling in.



In a swirling mass of "to do's" she sat down. The endings were also "beginnings" she reminded herself. The beginnings we also endings. Her eyes fell on the purple pen in front of her
"" it said. It was laying on top of a depleted gift visa card, a fingernail polishing board and was sliding slyly up to the white CANADA pen. Her mind was used to seeing everything as a symbol partially alive and pulsing with meaning. This particular snapshot entertained her for a brief moment.

There was so much in her life that needed to end. So much was beginning. The year ahead looked very busy indeed but she could see the hope ahead despite the apparent situation. Her horoscope said "Risking does not mean giving in to every silly venture. It is about hearing a calling for truth - things you have denied, postponed, avoided, feared, but things you know were true. This is a time to be more truthful and follow a calling."

Calling, what was her calling? What was calling her most deeply, resolutely and absolutely. What did she know through experience and deepest regard for what matters most. It wasn't anything she could see, touch, hear or taste. That she knew for sure.

What was calling her, seemed to be calling every other person around her. In the still silent moments of early dawn, she could fill up and send a powerful current of clarity into the day ahead. Searing away the rigid bars of her mind that held her into a holding pattern of sorrow and dis-ease.



Today was another Diamond Moment. I have ceased to be amazed at how this whole project in falling into place it is starting to create itself. Ever since I let go of this project and surrendered it to the GREAT MYSTERY, things have settled into place in ways I never could describe. It is really Art. Have you ever tried to make a" good " painting and it looks over worked and over done. (Like a older woman with too much makeup.)

It all started when I went to the New Heights Church on Sunday. They meet at the Clarke theatre. I have been dropping in there now and again, ever since I felt intuitively that I must go to the park with This Diamond Community brochure about the individual and community. The speaker was saying, "I don't know why I felt this during prayer right now, but I want to talk about the individual and community"... !!! They must have a part somehow, especially since they are an outreach church. On Sunday, Greg was speaking about waiting... and that waiting sometimes was like being pregnant and we are enlarged by the experience. He played the video called "the marshmallow test" and smiled in relief, knowing I was in the right place for it has felt like such a long slog at this art for social change project sometimes.

Afterwards, I picked up a brochure that said StreetHope " ~working with the marginalized to get them of the street and keep them that way through ongoing relationships with people and communities and God. Since Voices of One* forum theatre is all about marginalized people I thought that I should call them. So I did today. Shelagh Neilson answered and shortly she was at my studio that is the top floor of the Arts Center.

Shelagh started to talk about what she does. She is a pensioner and she feeds 60 people 5 days a week out of her own pocket. It is a need and she fills it. This woman is such a Diamond. Bright, shiny and resilient. She is not even a morning person, but faithfully she takes her fibromyalgia body to the X station and feeds a group of Missions transient and poor. 18 cans of coffee a month! It has become a community of sorts, a family. Now remember she is doing this mostly out of her own pocket since she took over in August. Her teammate Ann helps and Cobbs bread donates.

The way the sparks fly from her eyes I can tell she is connected to an inner power that keeps her going. Like the ever- ready bunny... just keeps going and going...She defines "God" as the Creator of Love and Love Itself. It is through many religions she feels that people can connect in their own way to that Source, her battery charger. You know, something is working for her, for not a day goes by that one mouth is left unfed. Her motto on the brochure is "And know that all things work together for good to them who are called according to His purpose. "- I think she is the living proof of that.

She has the only free Community Christmas dinner open in Mission on Christmas day. There may be 125-300 people. She says " Somehow God knows just how many people are showing up, I haven't figured that out yet, but it always happens."

"God just wants all his children to love, and our goal is to take hope to the streets. I may not be able to do something today but down the road they will know they do have choices. Its about planting seeds." she smiled knowingly and I can see the compassion she has and the fulfillment she gets out of the work. Her dream is to put on nightly workshops, but for now the morning breakfast is her place.

When talking about Voices of One*the homeless and Youth at Risk. She pips up. Youth at risk are some of the most talented. They are the ones who can't be put into ridgid slots that the school system wants them to be. Some of the homeless and addicts are some of the greatest artists. Here we stood at the top floor of a struggling financially Art Center and all this talent and potential to be tapped! This made a lot of sense. So glad to find a like mind. She could think of a few people off hand that may be able to work on the social theatre art project and placed carefully in different varying degrees of involvement, since she knows them so well, it will be a great asset to Voices of ONE*. She sees the virtue in each one, no matter how they are showing up and NEVER ever will ban anyone from StreetHopes doors.

You can leave your food donations for StreetHope at the "Compass Rose". This is the new restaurant that took over from Stellas. It has a eight point star as its logo, which I am working on for them. ( hmmm talk about connectedness) After a energy filled meeting with Delaney Rose and new owner/manager Davena Dyck, ( all of rebels from a mennonite background) they have a box of stuffed animals so are handing them out Friday for Random Acts of Kindness Day ( and a 10% off coupons. Delaney Rose will be playing there Christmas Eve 5-10pm.

The theme of the Compass and the Rose is bringing the world to Mission. The Tourism team should like that. Follow I told her about the and how they are planning tourists to come through here in this marketing idea.

I will hopefully be meeting with Kusum of the Multi-Cultural Society this week and suggesting that the people here in Mission with foreign roots could bring down their art and artifacts to hang on the walls in circulating exhibitions. This could also be something the Arts Council teams up with to highlight multi-cultural artists and so artists talks there at the center/gallery/tearoom.

We are holding a Voices of ONE* fundraiser FEB 4th at the Compass Rose. Looking forward to a great community pre-show celebration and publicity time. Mark your calendar!


Strong Coffee

A few evenings ago I had the opportunity to attend a free public event at "the Living Room of the community"— The Library! The chairs were gathered around the big screen TV and people from all walks of life merged, all we needed was popcorn!

The documentary was called Strong Coffee

This was an evening organized by the Multicultural Department of Mission Community Services in partnership with the Library. "Making the Arts Connection" is a series that helps to bring in more awareness of multicultural and anti racism ideals through the Arts, thru"Books and Films that make a difference" and People's Choice. This evening was another shining example of how co-operation can happen and is happening between organizations here in Mission. Here is the gallery of pictures by

Tonights show was terrific. Although I had watched it before, the movie was better the second time round. This movie is a documentary on how empowering women to earn money helps the community in general. By assisting them to buy land in Peru for a coffee farming business they actually helped end domestic violence and oppression. Dave, owner of Grab-a Java introduced the movie.

This coffee shop is located just below the Leisure Center, providing free trade coffee called Cafe Femenino that is now a global organization helping empower women all over the world. This makes Grab-a Java is an international community hub right in the center of town.

400 billion cups of coffee are consumed a year, as we become more conscious as consumers, perhaps we should know what goes on and where our dollar is going. The farmers work 10-12 hours a day in harvest time for our leisure!

The Beans are of the highest quality and 2% above the fair trade market value is pocketed by the women owners. When the money goes into the hands of the women there, the money goes into the family and not to alcohol, the kids are clothed and fed and there is more harmony in the community in general. The women now are branching out to other crops and ways to work in teamwork beside their husbands, not behind. The men in the film were speaking about how happy they are now that their wives have been able to be self assured and full of self respect. Domestic violence is a topic close to Dave’s heart for had experiences his in childhood first hand. So, when this business opportunity came to him, he jumped at the chance to make a difference.

Pam Willis, Executive Director of Women Resource Society of the Fraser Valley , moderated the discussion following and told of her gratefulness to the Cafe Femenino Coffee sales because a percentage of the profits goes to help women here in this community. This, then, becomes a global model of people helping people. Some of the lessons learned there could help us balance our lives here. So when you buy this supreme quality coffee you can relax and leisurely enjoy it, assured of the benefits you are giving to others to make this world a better place.

We have a lively discussion afterwards and Kusum Soni, the Multicultural Services Coordinator was impressed about how close Peruvian costumes and appearance were to northern India costumes. She said even the faces showed such similarity. There were a couple of us homeschooler mums there ready to do some more research about this and our kids walked away with a great impression of the good things that are being done in the world right here in our own little town.

The next evening is Making the Arts Connection - Richard Van Camp
Thursday, Feb 4th

First Nations author Richard Van Camp is a renowned storyteller and prolific author from the Dogrib (Tlicho) Dene community, Fort Smith, NWT. He will present his work and culture in his usual engaging, thought-provoking, and humourous way.

Photo by Mission Diamond Photographer: Gerhard von Rosen


Community Wonder

Community wonder

This week was such a monumental life changer week here. This morning, as I pack for a trip south, I am hit with a need to just somehow stop the clock and catch my breath. Someone I follow on Twitter posted this quote, "Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads & empty hearts can do that." It made me smile.

Here in the final week of this facet, the intensity is rising. This morning I am seeing all the unfinished projects and papers scattered around. I wonder what is self care in the midst of the never ending list of things to do? Sitting down and detaching was the best thing to do. Take a few moments now with me....Just stop in silence for a few minutes. Remember that you are an immortal tiny point of consciousness playing a role? Look across the wheel to where you began. Your huge efforts, have been felt and miracles are happening. Our destiny is happiness!

The news came this week that we are being funded for the stage at the Clarke Theatre for Voices of ONE* part 3! February 18th. Things have just clicked into place. I feel like a facet turned on and the water just flowing through.

I met with Andrew Burton a theatre social activist from Prince George. His work and understanding of his work helped me understand my work. See I appreciated understanding the roots of my interests in theatre for getting a message and experience out to a large group. I was talking to my co-writer Rose Ericson. She shares the goal of people leaving the theatre that night with such a deep sense of purity, love and connection. Voices of the homeless ( we are all homeless), voices of the mentally ill ( we live in an insane world), voices of addicts (we are all addicts) voices of Prisoners (we are all in bondage) made with youth and for the youth in us all. We hope to work with Andrew for this event.

Such a nice email of support from Heather Stewart. The growing support for THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY is humbling and challenging all at once. The Mayor came to my art table at the Metis Festival and after seeing the painting I made of Luis Reil that said what Louis had been told by God. " You will not be abandoned in the darkest hour of your life for you have a Mission that you must fulfill." The mayor said " You too have a Mission" . I saw a light in his eyes and we smiled knowing we are all doing exactly what is perfect to be doing. Souls playing roles. Actors on an infinite stage of being and becoming! We each ore powerful directors and collaborators in a drama that really does have a happy ending and beginning all at once.