Morphic Magic Theatre

This web log is set up to inform you of a powerful way of transforming communities and the people in them. It is a place where we research and present the leading edge of this new movement. It is the youth that lead it and we are thrilled to be able to give them a voice and foundation. The old ways that are not working are dropping away and the new ways of balance, harmony and collaboration are settling in.


Movement into Authentic

As I bumble along this funny little town, I am in AWE at how much the simple act of making money propels us into exactly the right choice we need to do to be a better person and use this process as a self refining tool.  After the ending circle for SPEAK AND BE HEARD…and the social planning commission presentation, I was hoping  for more inclusion, but instead the rifts grew and instead of activity, there was silence. That puzzled me, but was content to watch and  grow with what the next natural step is in this drama.

It lead me to an graphix/video contract with John Howard Society. Maybe you have heard about it. Communities Impacting Gangs Comments on the blog and video replies are encouraged.The main event/forum is on March 31 at the Cafetorium. We have some of the youth from "Speak and be Heard” asked to help and be interviewed.

At the Speak and be Heard event, the public came up on stage and a request for more alternative health information came up. In the facet month of HEALTH, last eight month action plan, holistic health practitioners began to gather. We have just posted a new website beginning these efforts. I look forward to seeing the response.

The eight facets idea has come through me in my early morning dawn think tank sessions, training with MRR.  THIS DIAMOND COMMUNITY has always been about self transformation first. That being said,  it would be considered my intellectual artistic property although I have brought it through tuning into the energy of the community and in a collaborative way. These transitionary times are interesting. Any reference to " mine" is silly really. However to remove it from the entire vision and someone else’s would make for an interesting situation. 

I am working for in the promotions/advocacy department. We presented to the AGM Silverdale Heritage Society. They went from a meeting of discouragement and silent distress to gathering together and making effort to work together. Was so nice to see neighbors do this.  They hold a seed of a dream as well that feels thwarted by Money. We are planning a public demonstration of this with the topic of conversation being the UFV and its integration within our community and a hypothetical situation set up as a conflict between the town and the university to show how online conflict can become Harmony and beyond WIN WIN. 

Today I felt called to the forest at heritage park. There I met an individual  with  his grand daughters if we had arranged it. He is a retired prison worker and in corrections and leadership with First Nations corrections. He told me how corrections and the residential school entwine and if we are going for a public event about Residential School healing,  he is willing to meet with JHSFV and Community Elders to see how best to go about this and several of us feel that the end result in these next eight months of investigations (November 1st) will be in public events around this issue. 

Talked to Youth Unlimited  staff about having a youth contest at the Illuminaries Festival so we can have stations around the park set up. Was so nice to see someone put an eight facet wheel on the hill last year. Bumbling into the staff at the festival revealed that they were looking for more exciting growth in the festival.

The Arts Council is considering MRR resolution to help solve the internal stuff going on there after a board meeting I was at. HURRAH!  I am teaching art to the Ferndale inmates set up to help with gardening to payback my debt to Arts Council for the office rental there. If we can collectively get the arts united with social and economic concerns, there will be no stopping Mission as a cultural destination. Also… The StreetHOPE group is planning an Arts Show ! Shelaugh is doing great work there. She feed 60 people there every morning on her pensioners income!! 

Other info discovered... that the waterfront issue was just a newspaper reporting on something they have no idea about  and fell for an old trick. 
The property has not even had an application on it. Talk about getting the town in a stew… so they can manipulate the situation. EDUCATE ourselves about what is really going on...

Well, thats the First facet report as this first month ends!  Lots--- more happening too, really focusing on the EDUCATION / Power to Introspect this month.  Mostly on my son’s self design. and my own, going for a Masters? Online school out of California. 

Other groups and individuals are saying that they are tuning into the Introspection power and reaching out to educate others about what they do, adding courses etc… how does it relate to you?


Forward MARCH!

We march on, ever forward into the blank canvas of our lives. It seems like a blank canvas this month anyway. The end of the eight month investigation into the Mission community brought its rewards. More than changing or healing anything in this city, my efforts changed and healed me.

Springing ahead, I perceive another eight month enquiry ahead. This time though it is a little different. This time it is deeply personal and even more public than ever before. The possible way this could take form is so varied. Following is a sketchy outline that several of us have looked forward into a dream of community evolution. I have shared it with several organizations and presented to the social planning commission. I wonder how it fits into your life currently? What we focus on expands.


Learning and Education

- Power of Introspection


Environment and Sustainability

-Power of Knowing what to keep and what to let go


Local business highlights

- Power to Tolerate



Power to merge and accommodate... adjust



Power to discern and discriminate


Sports and Recreation

Power to decide and act.



Power to face



Power to co-operate

What will your life bring by November 1st? What will mine? Perhaps we are in for some big changes that will encourage us all to drop our differences and connect to common ground and see the diamonds in the rough, the sparkle will come out and we will all feel a little closer to Home. People say, "If only Mission could work together better they would be such an amazing town". There would be more funding, more good will, less depression, more understanding. The youth in Speak and be Heard we saying the cliques at school were unbearable. People judged each other so harshly. One thing that Speak and Be Heard brought up was the "Pain" in myself, and in the community. It is healthy, for once seen, then it can be addressed and set free. If it is always under cover it festers and becomes increasingly uncomfortable until it is finally recognized. The youth are the ones who feel it, see it and need avenues to express their joy and sorrows in a safe place.