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This web log is set up to inform you of a powerful way of transforming communities and the people in them. It is a place where we research and present the leading edge of this new movement. It is the youth that lead it and we are thrilled to be able to give them a voice and foundation. The old ways that are not working are dropping away and the new ways of balance, harmony and collaboration are settling in.


Heritage Park Gets a Truck Load of Manure

Why is this big news today, in the Earth day buzz? What is so blogable about such an event? It is the nourishment of the residential school orchard. Once overgrown with 14 foot blackberry plants it is slowly coming back to life. Perhaps it is a symbol of these intense times, a symbol of the restoration that is taking place in Mission and in my life personally as well.

Jared and I went down to the Park today. For those of you far away, here is a video about the park that we are speaking about.

Found a five leaf clover this afternoon when  thinking about "This Multi-faceted Diamond Community" and the visioning Mission forum that I was told about.

Heather Sterling the Park gardener, (I call her the GARDEN LADY),  took Jared and I on a tour of the park through her eyes. So many plants are edible there now. She has planted three mulberry bushes honoring the Japanese pioneers.

Taken the original wild strawberries from the orchard and planted them near the rose garden. You will have to listen to the  conversation we had about it.

 Of course the best was off air when i was more relaxed. But you get a sense of the greatness of this individual, her passion and complete dedication to making this world a balanced place. I would love to illustrate a walking guide to the park through her eyes. 

Heathers tour was completely fascinating. From the orchard, ( after the load of wormy steamy horse crap fell on the ground that a man name "ART" dumped).There were 13 loads that day.

We were driven in the back of her truck to the grotto.( a silo like structure with a cross on top= Mission's symbol) She took us into the grotto turning off the alarm. The  pews and floors were covered in bugs. Flies mostly, but bees and hornets and ladybugs from white to red. They were thick candles and marble table. Crunch crunch under our feet. She adds them to the rose garden for nutrition as well.  This composting idea took four years for it to be approved of and we witnessed it! How fortunate to be able to follow a whim and have it take us to such a destination.

Heather now is a leader in her feild and mentor for youth( worked with canada world youth)   and her work is becoming known and respected world wide for the non-pesticide rose garden and heritage seeds. Here is a link to learn more about the painful history of this park and understand the significance of restoring the original orchard. Bringing up the pain to be healed is part of the work of this new eight month Diamond cycle ending Nov 1.


Drive with Smiley!

Fridays are Random Acts of Kindness Day. A member of Mission Circle of Diamonds posted an idea worthy of promoting.

Every Friday put your Happy Face up in your window in participation with
Print off the PDF  at and give to your friends. Have some fun! 
Now you take the smile within.  This will cause you to smile on the outside.  By smiling on the outside you will become more relaxed and at ease.  This will cause you to drive more curtious-ly.   Feel free to smile at other drivers.  You will notice how good this makes you feel.  Enjoy your journey I know you will.
Thank you for making a difference and for supporting Mission in leading the way toward creating positive change in the world.   

Power to Decide

This post was written by Susan Naja, an individual in Mission Circle of Diamonds.

It was made to contribute to the conversation around the 8 powers of Kindness and how she perceived this power manifest in her life and the Mission community. Powerful message here.

Power to Decide

The decision making process is directly connected to our level of personal empowerment. The more we know ourselves and operate from our own best insight the better equipped we are to make decisions that support our well-being and happiness, as well as our families, societies and worlds. Whether a personal, family or business decision is in the making, any important life choice has an impact on our quality of life and the quality of the life of others and the environment. Big decisions are integrated into and influence all aspects of our lives, which is a good thing.

Think for yourself, outside the box.

There are no problems only solutions. With this approach we free our minds to think creatively in order to create more choices or alternatives. Get in touch with messages that limit, whose voices are behind those messages. Do you trust yourself? Decision making is a good confidence check. We are all diamonds in the rough and life is the process of polishing. No one is perfect, life is a journey of growth and learning. When you recognize a limitation within yourself, celebrate that you've identified a hurtle to your dreams, do not make any room for criticism or self defeating inner dialogue. Simply realize that the information or conditioning you have stumbled upon does not serve you and choose or decide to release it. Consciously replace critical limiting information with supportive messages.

Examples of critical inner dialogue

You don't know what is best for you.

A higher authority needs to decide for you.

No one has done that before, why do you think you will be able to succeed?

You are not good enough.

There is not enough....(money, time, energy, support..)

Examples of supportive inner dialogue-

You deserve to pursue your hearts yearning.

Your dreams are what makes your life an exciting adventure in the making.

You are not alone, believe in your dreams and connect with others who share your dreams.

YES I can.

I believe in me and the whole universe supports me.

Knowing what we truly want to create in our lives.

Unless you are young without children or parents that need our support, most of us have others that we are responsible for. Family is a responsibility that is often neglected in Western Society. Our children are raised by daycares, there are many single moms that struggle with the double burden of working and child rearing. In the process of determining what our dreams are we need to stay in touch with the realities and responsibilities that we have created around us. The worlds present capitalist economic system supports only a fraction of the Earth's population while exploiting the majority. 1 billion people earn $1.25 per day according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Although enough food is grown to feed everyone on the planet the in-equal distribution of wealth leaves 1 bilion people threatened with starvation today. Humanist values have been slowly eroding in the heavy advertising push for consumerist values. Be careful of what you wish for. We all want success but please question how you define success? The country of Bhutan for example defines success by the Gross National Happiness of its people as opposed to consumerist product sales. What makes you truly happy?

How do we get in touch with our own true goals?

In the assault of government/corporate marketing research and campaigns that amount to trillions of dollars of spending in order to establish North American consumerist values, (Naomi Klein, No Logo, 2001) it can be a daunting job to sort through the media programming to discover what is truly important to us. Asking ourselves: What do we find the most fulfilling? How can we live a wholistic lifestyle, that balances our personal time, family time and work time? In our age of globalization its crucial to act with an awareness of the effect that our spending capacity has the power to sustain and support through fair trade or exploit people and further damage the environment.

The better we know ourselves, the better we are able to answer the above questions. An effective way to clear the clutter and touch into self is though taking a few minutes each day for self-refletion or meditation. 10-20 min. can make a powerful difference. Sit quietly and comfortably, simply be aware of your breath with the intention of being in touch with your highest self and highest information. Get outside of your thinking mind. Imagine you are holding a gentle effortless attention.

This is your time to empty your mind of all reveal your true self..this is a state of magic where ideas from the universe are seeded! Simply sit in awareness and watch in wonder.

Process of clearing out others limiting information

Once you are clear upon your goals and have set your intentions you are ready to embark upon the journey of manifesting your dream. The birth of an idea can grow at rapid speed like bamboo or slowly and steadily like an oak tree. Remember the scenery on the straight paved roads are the most boring to drive. I always prefer the scenic routes, you never know what interesting people you will meet or amazing sights you will see along the way. "The journey is the destination."

The worlds old traditions of knowledge understood the importance of endings or completions and renewal. As with the seasons the winter prepares the ground for spring planting. Get in touch with and connected to the natural world, this alignment will ground and clarify your intentions as well as support your overall well-being and energy levels. Do your best to not fall prey to the frequency of anxious stress prevalent in our society. Immersing oneself in the natural world for walks, cycling, skiing...will also assist in releasing this highly unnatural and unhealthy social stress.

Integrity Check

Like seeds ideas need nurturing, touch into your goals daily implement your action plans steadfastly. To check in with the integrity of your decisions, a helpful affirmation/prayer/intention is "If it is in the highest good for myself, others, the earth and the universe, then may it be so."