Facets of Health

This month of June has flown by already. The natural movement focuses on Health, the bridge between Body and Emotions of this next project. Health means financial, mental and physical of course. Setting up a Healing Arts Cooperative is on the agenda for the month before I establish an office/home in Eugene Oregon.

I have been focused on a move to Oregon, but this does not mean abandoning This Diamond Community, it just means opening up to a growing circle of supporters who will carry on the work started here.

This month started with a David Diamond Workshop.  http://vimeo.com/11881086 We did an activity  called Cops in the Head and other sculpted images. In one of the scenes I got to experience what was happening for me in my social art work efforts in Mission. I was trying to hold together a tight circle of people rather than step back and let the larger community in. So it helped me let go, open up and not hold so much in fear. Create an open space my my leaving and rallying for business and ideas in Oregon.

Letting go, meant a move to Oregon, along with a call from my spiritual group to relocate there, a possible Masters in Community Arts at the University of Oregon and an environment that more suits us as a family. My sister lives there too and we can recouperate for a while  and begin to  sell my  Eco-fashion wearable art line, www.thebeadrollson.com that will be made with the cooperation of several non profit groups both here and Eugene ( I have dual citizenship ) Eugene is an artistic, green city and has poured millions of dollars into their arts education recently.

By November 1st, I suspect there will be a thriving cooperative set up to address the lack of a cultural director in Mission.  Pioneering Connections is what I am calling it for now. It would be good to have an office at the Mission Arts Center.

Pioneering Connections cooperative set up to:
~ market local green and creative works
~ build collborative products blending several artist work in one
~ provide business training
~  create a hub for online promotions for locally made green and artistic goods and services
~ become the go to place for  compassionate and creative workshops
~ employ youth as an eAbassador team to promote online and create forum theatre community buiding events to allow all voices to "Speak and be Heard"  and gather community wisdom and resources.

This cooperative would be set up with the use of Smart Settle. www.smartsettle.com a revolutionary  online tool, based on the work of Dr. Ernest Theissen.

It is affliated with local positive news magazine called Fraser Valley Connector.

There is a public meeting planned on June 24th at Blackberry Cafe, 7 pm.

We are hoping to raise money to get David Diamond here in October as this second eight month cycle is complete November 1st bringing in a new level of community cooperation.


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